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Albert Tiu, Pianist

Press Quotes

The Winner of 2000 International Web Concert Hall Competition

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"...he proved to be a superb chamber musician and a secure, stable musical architect."

Hufvudstadsbladet, Finland

"Tiu is a real pianist and more importantly a real musician: plucky, personable, individual and only now and then debonair."
The Star, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Big, bronze tone…physical, warm-hearted kind of playing…"
The Boston Globe

"Bravura performance"
The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada

"Albert Tiu gave a splendid reading of Prokofiev’s fiery Piano Concerto No.1."
American Record Guide

"What was fascinating here was the incredibly assured maturity of his style, his inherent temperament and simmering intensity beneath the surface of the lyrical line."
Pretoria News, South Africa

"Albert Tiu displayed his stylish command of the keyboard…impressive in quiet, poetic passages, where his fine command of pianistic color is apparent."
The Greenville News, South Carolina

"Albert Tiu played…with fine feeling for style…characterized by broad line and emotional depth."
Die Welt, Hamburg, Germany

"Truly superb Tiu…Tiu’s playing was powerful, dynamic and beautifully lyrical."
The Mercury, Durban, South Africa

""Tiu revealed a very mature playing that basked gloriously in the evenness of tones and articulate touch. He cut the stance of a virtuoso executing all the difficult demands of the piece…one could not but listen in awe as he showed fantastic virtuosity."
Philippine Daily Inquirer

"Impeccable piano…notable for the touching delicacy of the pianissimo playing, the controlled quietness was a telling commentary on Tiu’s technical expertise and musical sensitivity."
Daily Dispatch, East London, South Africa

"A sensitive pianist"
Calgary Herald, Canada

"Tiu plays with this notion in his mind and in his fingers. While he expresses motifs artfully thought out well ahead of performance time, Tiu, like the world's best artists, eventually allows his heart to take over and lets go."
Adam Baer, The New Republic

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