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Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc.



Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc. is a Web-based consulting and software development company. Since 1992, Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc. has been providing quality services in the areas of custom software application development, corporate IT training and services, web site design & development, web site redevelopment, web site promotion and web site maintenance.  Today, we provide services in the area of E-commerce and Internet business solution and strategic planning. We encourage you to read more about our services and the way we delivery web solutions.  If you have any questions about our services contact us.

In today's dynamic business environment it is important that companies and organizations effectively utilize the Internet to remain competitive. Highly trained and experienced team at Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc. will assist you in developing the right strategy to create an effective Internet presence. Whether you are researching the possibilities of creating a web site or reassessing an existing site, you can rely on Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc. to provide the highest quality of service in a timely fashion. Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc. offers complete solutions to web site development.  From initial planning to completion and beyond.


Our goal is to help organizations (and their individuals) improve. Rather than immediately prescribing solutions, we help determine the goal of the performance, identify what’s lacking, then help create the best solution. This approach can take more time but will lead to more effective and lasting results.


A partner is defined in a dictionary as, "A person who takes part in some activity in common with another. To associate." That's the kind of business relationships we want to build. Improved performance and improved results seldom happen with a one time, quick fix approach. We believe that organizations that partner continue to synergize and grow. We believe that partnerships are the most effective, profitable and enjoyable way to work. For that reason, we bring a partnering approach to all our work.


We grow and contract as needed by our customers and their needs. We bring together the right resources for a given situation, continually re-inventing ourselves. This organization structure benefits you in several ways:

    • We bring you skills and talents tailored to your needs.
    • We don't have a large traditional staff, so we don't charge you for services you don't require.
    • We are able to identify new competencies that you might require of us, and make them available as needed.

We hope that these attributes are in alignment with your approach and needs.


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