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Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc.


Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc. philosophy consists of developing and implementing a unique strategic plan for each client that focuses on three main areas: Business, Design, and Technology.

Business:   We take the time to understand your business and establish clear and reasonable goals and objectives for creating an impressive, yet effective, Internet presence for your organization.  Before writing a line of code, we have a clear plan  for how to help your business better compete in this sometimes challenging new marketplace. Some of the ways businesses are incorporating the web into their business model are: to improve customer support and communications; to expand existing and new markets; and, to develop online sales through e-commerce.  After establishing the project plan, a business must define how it is going to market its web site. One of the biggest fallacies in establishing a web site is the notion that, "if you build it, they will come." It takes continued promotions, both off and on-line, to build any meaningful traffic to a site.  By addressing these issues, we help to integrate a web site into an organization's business model, maximizing the return on its web site investment.

Design:   The graphic design and overall aesthetic feel of the web site is crucial for creating a favorable impression with your web site visitors. We feel that a site must look professional, yet capture the appropriate appearance and character that best represent the organization.  Also, the site should be laid out in an organized manner with a user-friendly interface that provides intuitive site navigation. One of the drawbacks to using an abundance of images on web sites is that it takes longer to view each page.  Therefore, the amount of images must be managed to ensure suitable download times.

Technology:   Our development team uses the latest programming technology to ensure interaction and functionality with its users while providing easy manageability of the site as it grows. At the same time, we implement technology that allows visitors of varying browser technology to view the site,  maximizing your message's audience. We apply the appropriate level of technology to accomplish the goals of the site and to capitalize on the ever changing features of the web.

We believe that our balanced approach in these three areas ensures that our clients' sites do not become lost in the abyss of the on-line world.

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