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Today, a web site is considered as an interactive business card. A well designed web site can promote the profile, recognition, and increases business and / or sales of the company.

Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc. offers complete Internet services for marketing your business on the Internet offers new services as they become available on the Internet.

Intrepid Pixels Technology Inc. is a growing leader in:   

  • Corporate Training
  • Distance Education Development
  • Online Brochure
  • Online Marketing Planning
  • Community Building
  • Custom Coded Forms (cgi-Perl, Java, Delphi)
  • Competition Research and Analysis
  • Corporate and Non-Profit Organization Webpage Development and Design
  • Internet Business Solution and Strategy
  • Custom Web-based Software Development / Design
  • Personal web site production
  • Web Hosting and management of and your website
  • Multimedia production (digital video and audio production) music and sound design for multimedia software and telecommunications
  • Hardware and software installation

Yes, we can convert your analogue sound (from tape or CD) to digital format (to computer media)!

Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc. specializes in designing and creating both internet and intranet web sites. Whether creating an internet presence for a small business or establishing a departmental intranet for Fortune 100 companies, Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc. can implement a site suited towards your goals.

  • Page Layout
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Creation
  • Site Reorganization
  • Database Application Development
  • Site Promotion & Registration

Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc professionals have over 7 years of information systems experience. Our staff is composed of top ten universities graduates in the United States. They all have extensive training and teaching experience at institutions such as, Columbia University, UCLA, CUNY, and Juilliard.  We welcome the opportunity to speak with you concerning your consulting and training needs.

  • Corporate Presentations & Seminars
  • Windows OS, Office 95/97
  • Internet & HTML
  • Market Targeting
  • Hardware & Software Recommendations
  • Hardware & Software Installations
  • Site Reorganization
  • Webpage development
  • Programming


In most cases, your company or organization will not need to purchase or use expensive servers or Internet connections. Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc will setup and maintain your web presentation on the Internet for a small monthly fee.

Web Site Promotion

No matter how exceptional a web site is, an organization must promote its site to maximize the benefits of an Internet presence. One of the biggest fallacies of establishing a web site is the notion that "if you build it, they will come." It takes continued promotions, both off and on-line, to build any meaningful traffic to the site.

Web site promotion is not a simple task.  We have the knowledge and experience to take advantage of the many opportunities for marketing web sites.  We can help you examine your target market and research the different possibilities for effectively promoting your site.  By addressing these issues, we help to integrate a web site into an organization's business model and maximize the return on its web site investment.

Web Site Management

Management of a site is an important aspect to users effectively reaping the benefits of a web site. Monitoring site traffic and maintaining site content requires active participation from clients to meet their goals and expectations.

A new web site is fresh and full of new information. Depending on the depth and complexity of the web site, it may take several visits for users to thoroughly explore it. To keep a site's traffic high, users must be encouraged to revisit. Thus, it becomes important to have a strategic maintenance plan. Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc. can periodically update and refresh a web site using a few simple strategies such as: changing selective graphics and animations; replacing outdated information; creating a section for displaying timely information; and, expanding popular areas of a site.  In addition, we can implement technology which allows the client to maintain and update content throughout the site without understanding HTML and programming.  These client "back end" interfaces can be implemented in appropriate areas, allowing the client to control the timely content of the site without incurring programming fees for routine updates.

On-line Forms and FTP

Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc can create feedback and information request forms, shopping carts for taking on-line orders, autoresponders to automatically reply to incoming email, discussion groups for on-line questions and answers, and ftp for on-line distribution of computer files.

Domain Registration and Virtual Hosting

Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc. will help your company or organization select, register, and setup an Internet address that is simple and easy to remember - like

Statistical Reports

Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc. provides statistical reports that tell you which parts of your Web site are the most effective and who's visiting your site. These reports will be emailed to the clients on a weekly basis. The initial step in effective web site management involves setting realistic goals and expectations for the site.  After establishing these goals, a system must be implemented to periodically monitor the progress of these goals.  Identifying traffic patterns, site and page activity, and identifying how users are finding their way to your site are elements used to understand who is visiting your site and what the site's strengths and weaknesses may be. Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc.can also provide support in determining whether certain goals are being met and how to improve the performance of a web site if the site performance is not meeting client expectations.

Web Site Features

In addition to all above services and features, Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc. can design and develop your specific tools that can be added to increase the functionality and interactivity of your web site. Our programming team can offer the flexibility to implement a wide variety of standard and custom modules to meet your needs. Intrepid Pixels Technology, Inc. offers customized solutions along with a myriad of popular features used on the web today.

Basic Site Features
On-line forms
Literature Request Form
Credit Application
Newsletter subscription
Employment/Job Applications
Index Searching
Gif Animation
Mouse Roll Overs

Interactive Features
Channel & newsletter subscriptions
Electronic Bulletin Board
Chat rooms
Dynamic Calendar
Add a Link

Shopping cart

- Database / Programming
Client database integration
Search Engines
Multimedia Database Construction
Dynamically built pages
Rotating images
Back and Front end management
Homepage preference
Management of links
Java Script

Streaming Video & CD quality Audio

Converting analogue sound (from tape or CD) to digital format (to computer media)

Request for sample online works / courses


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