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We at Musical Online are a Group of People Who is Passionate About Music, Theatre & Performances

We have been around quite a bit and want to bring you some of the hottest new arrivals to the theatrical scene of every major capital city in the world like London, New York, Paris and more. Some of the members of this group are musicians, others are dancers, we have some singers as well, but we all share the same passion for the incredible work of the big theatrical performance of the big-budget companies. The idea behind this series of posts is that we can bring some of our excitement to you and also, perhaps, turn you into this amazing lifestyle too. There are absolutely no boundaries of age, gender and general musical likes to be a part of the musical theatre loving group, you just have to feel the call, the energy, the adrenaline and then you are good to go.

Also, one of our main goals is to shorten the gap between beginners and connoisseurs by breaking down plots, explaining casts and recommending the best of the mainstream and also some pieces of work that are not so widely recognized as those. There is a great boom in the independent theatrical companies that is widely appreciated by all of us theatre-lovers around the world. Also, the healthy transition between the previous generation of actors and the upcoming stars is something we want to highlight in each of our deliveries. The fact that in an age of screens surrounding us someone pays a ticket and turns off their phone to just stare at the magic of a group of people who perform real time a work of art is just amazing.

Those of us, who make Musical Online and are musicians find it harder and harder by the day to find an outlet to feed our musical needs because everything is more processed, more artificial now than it used to be. One thing that is amazing about musicals is that mostly, the music being played is in a live situation with some of the industry´s best arrangers taking the driver´s seat. Also, most of the plays feature instruments that have been a little forgotten in modern popular music and that are just thrilling. If you ever have the grace of listening to a violin solo in a big theatre with awesome acoustics (as most of the ones we name on the reviews are) you will know what the meaning of musical goose bumps is. They are simply amazing.

Another major goal of this site is to create a common ground for all theatre and music lovers out there who want to share their experiences with people who are just like them. The importance of feeling that your knowledge is appreciated and even cherished by others who have gone down the same lanes as you have is simply priceless and such is the kind of community that we are looking forward to forging with this site.

There is no age for diving deep into the roots and the present of theatrical performances. We will review plays that are based on books from the nineteenth century and also others from the twenty first century. There are huge Broadway productions built over classic books and others built over blockbuster movies or even best-selling records. The origin says a lot about the work of the writer, the stage performers and all those involved in the adaptation of the story. We will tell you about choreographers, singers, directors, writers and actors so you can trace them to their origins and understand their own journey and the impact their character or task might have on them.

We, at Musical Online worry about bringing the best news, insights and options for theatre lovers to enjoy the weekends wherever they are in the world going to the best productions.

We want to keep musical theatre alive, will you help us in this journey?


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