Out Of Hell

North American Tour

Begins In November

Amazing story at its best

Before being the character of Robert Paulson in the amazing film Fight Club, Marvin Lee Aday was also known as Meat Loaf. Him and Jim Steinman co-wrote the Todd Rundgren-produced record that was out to be one of the best-selling of all times with more than 43 million copies around the world. After a story of rejections, getting laughed at and being kicked out of places, the recorded work (now legendary) hit the big theatres and this new incarnation is coming to America. Read on to find out everything you need to know to enjoy this amazing story at its best.

The Legendary Record

The year was 1977 and Meat Loaf was struggling to get their music through as it was and follow the path that the industry required back then. After several rejections and some laughing included with scenes of street violence, cursing out loud but never quitting, the album finally got its final shape and was critically acclaimed, going 14 times platinum. Meat Loaf was (and still is) well-known from his acting career as well as the singing one and had just finished The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975 playing Eddie. His performing skills as a singer are very close to his theatrical persona and it can be seen throughout the brilliant performance of the songs which is pitch-perfect and truly passionate.

This closeness and theatrical education paved the road to link the recorded masterpiece with Broadway. Even more these days in which the 80s are more present than ever in fashion, music and other artistic expressions. The album is grandiloquent, sexy, noir, and opera-friendly with amazing arrangements and the play is, by no means, far from that.

Ready For Theatre

If you ever heard the record, you know that it is ready for theatre, it was begging to be taken to the biggest venues with an impeccable cast and a set of first-line staff.

The Cast

The North American leg of the touring show has the actor Andrew Polec in the role of Strat and the very talented Emily Schultheis playing Raven. Also, the other first-line actors playing Falco, Sloane, Tink, Zahara and Jagwire are Bradley Dean, Lulu Lloyd, Avionce Hoyles, Harper Miles and Tyrick Wiltez Jones respectively.

They also have a pretty big ensemble live to give the proper grandiloquent stage presence to the songs of 15 actors/dancers/singers. They are: Nik Alexander, Samantha Pauly, Michael Milkanin, Kayla Cyphers, Alex Deleo, Emilie Battle, Tiernan Tunnicliffe, Will Branner, Paulina Jurzec, Zuri Washington, Erin Mosher, Adam Kemmerer, Lincoln Clauss, Nick Martinez and Kaleb Wells.

The Staff

The book, lyrics and music belong to the original composer Jim Steinman. The man chosen to direct the play was veteran director and teacher Jay Scheib (Obie Award for Best Director as well as Guggenheim Fellowship awards in 2012 and 2011 respectively). For the choreography of the scenes, the chosen woman was the super young (23 years old) and talented Canadian choreographer and also professional dancer Emma Portner. Choosing her was making a crossover for the production company since the last big act she worked on was Justin Bieber´s Purpose World Tour. This is what gives the play a modern twist that is very welcome.

The Postponed Schedule

Although the US theatrical scene has a lot to offer like the new incarnation of Renascence, those willing to go see this visit of Bat Out of Hell to the US theatres will have to wait. In an official communication, the company that was to take the tour downwards from Canada to the US has communicated that the only dates maintained will be the ten-week run in the center of New York City for the Summer season of next year, but all other will be rescheduled.

The cast of the play has gone heavy on their social media accounts showing their discontent with the rescheduling of the dates and the abrupt change of plans from the company. Although the official communication was of a reschedule and the Canada run was successfully completed, there are rumors of an internal breakup and risk of the tour non-materializing.

Hopefully the bat leaves hell again to sing for us viewers one more time.


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