If you are not familiar with the hilarious Nine to Five it is probable that you are about to discover a hilarious gem that will change at least your week. The original production is a movie and features Dolly Parton and was premiered in 1980.

The Plot

It is a 1980s story that still is as valid as ever in 2018. The idea that three women who are work mates feel harassed by a misogynist, sexist, and self-centered boss and decide to step up and fight back seems more millennial than it really is. The three protagonists are three strong women: Doralee, Violet and Judy, who plot to kidnap their supervisor and turn the game around. An unexpected visit by a CEO will make all plans tremble and give new light to the events. I don’t want to be a spoiler, but it is a story filled with a beautiful message of fighting together for a common goal.

It has it all: laughter, action, suspense, some amazing ideals worth fighting for, great music and an amazing choreography.

The Cast

The book of the play is by the original Screenwriter of the 1980s film: Patricia Resnick. The score is by the legendary icon of pop and country Dolly Parton. The original score was nominated to a Tony, a Grammy and an Oscar award.

The stars that are trusted by Dolly Parton to take the play to the next level are first level actresses and actors. As Violet Newstead, actress, singer and personality Louise Redknapp makes her triumphant return to the theatrical scene. After being a part of Eternal, a girl-band in the 1990s, she embarked in a successful solo career and sold over 20 million records worldwide. Judy Bernly is played by Amber Davies and the former Wicked, Kinky Boots and Les Miserables Natalie McQueen plays Doralee Rhodes. Finally, the bad guy, Franklin Hart, is played by Brian Conley. Besides having a breathtaking 40-year television career, he played the lead role in Robinson Crusoe in the 2016/7 season.

The original songs and music of the play is, of course, provided by Dolly Parton, while the arrangements, musical supervision and orchestrations are by Mark Crossland. The musical direction is in the hands and ears of Andrew Hilton.

Directing this all-star cast is Jeff Calhoun and the Choreographer that brings it all together is Lisa Stevens.

Why You Should Go?

The Savoy Theater is a spectacular place to go see a play and enjoy a colorful stage setting by a big production company as it is the Ambassador Theatre Group. This is not a minor detail when you are about to go see a play because the amount of money spent in keeping the structure going can really create the atmosphere for the songs or break it.

Some of the glories of the past

Some of the glories of the past are making a triumphant return to the UK and is a great opportunity for all theatre-lovers to go see legendary plays with today´s technology.