5 Foundations Promoting Music

Promoting Music

Helping Others

Foundations promoting music around the world

Foundations promoting music around the world do it because of a plethora of reasons, but the main one is always helping others through a gift, which is music. The most wonderful thing about conveying a message of help, hope or love through a song is that elevates the moment to a place where that who receives it feels it deep inside. Here are just some of the foundations that are doing the best to improve the life of people around the world through music and music learning.

Fender Music Foundation

The, arguably biggest guitars brand in the world today, Fender Corporation has an incredible program in which they donate instruments for music education programs all along the United States. According to statistics performed within the program, children who take on that path increase class assistance, have more chances of succeeding in higher levels of education and strengthen their self-esteem occupying their time on a positive way.

Musicians Without Borders

They open their website with two amazing quotes from two amazing people: “If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music” by Jimi Hendrix and “You may be poor, you may only have a ramshackle house, you may have lost your job, but that song gives you hope” by Nelson Mandela. Such is the spirit of this group of people who work in difficult places such as Palestine, Africa, Rwanda and others like Mexico, Ireland or England with the same passion, trying to change the world through music.

Musicians On Call

Nearly half a million patients staying in hospitals around the world have benefited from this non-profit organization that helps them ease the pain and boredom with some live music. The group came together in 1999 and they work with donations, but not monetary ones, but donations of time from the musician themselves. Many musicians volunteer to what the organization calls the most important show of their careers. They currently are in the 650,000 helped patients mark and wish to make it up to the million.

The Roots Of Music

The fact that successful musicians want to give something back to the community where they grew up is simply amazing. The case of Derrick Tabb and his home town of New Orleans is a great example of how a Grammy-winning artist can provide the correct environment to take teenagers out of the streets and fill their heats with music. He believes in self-discipline as a way to success but also as a way of life and wants to encourage teenagers from his own city to make better, more conscious decisions that will take them to a happier life. He also aims to keep the long musical roots of New Orleans healthy and alive for generations to come.

Music That Cares

This is the nonprofit organization of musicians for musicians, curated and backed up by the Grammys. They help those who follow their passion in times of need much like a safety net that won´t let them fall.

Help & Promote

Make The World a Better Place

If you are in the position of giving something to make the world a better place, it is not something you should think about too much. There is a lot of people out there waiting for your help and conveying a message of hope through music is the best idea ever.


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