Yes, December comes upon us and all stories about Santa, Christmas, the elves and all that surrounds them make their way back to the center of the stage in the theatrical scene. The Grinch story is not at all an exception and although the original story comes from Dr. Seuss book from 1957, the success is not such an old story, it was a blockbuster with the face of the hyper-talented Jim Carrey in the poster in the year 2000.

Return To New York City

The run goes from December 13th and 30th in the Hulu Theatre in the Madison Square Garden. If you close your eyes and think of a better place to see a play of this magnitude, I don´t know if there is another that tops the current. Even more, the Tony Award-nominated Gavin Lee is up for the role of the Grinch. He is a star English actor and has played major roles in plays like Mary Poppins before. His lyrics were written by Timothy Mason over the music of Mel Marvin. The entire book of the play was actually written by Timothy Mason and he has a long list of plays under his belt such as Time on Fire, The Life to Come, Mullen´s Allen, and The Life to Come among many others.

Ninety Minutes Of Family Fun

According to the press and all past incarnations, it is safe to say that this is a play that offers a great deal of amusement for all ages and is a great holiday plan to attend to as a family. With duration of ninety minutes it should not be so hard to keep the younger ones paying attention all along.