It is very refreshing to see a not-so-common, more up to date play that makes it into the big leagues and goes Broadway. Such is the case of Be More Chill, the play based on the book by Ned Vizzini, a now-defunct writer that was born in 1981 and struggled with depression most of his life until he died at age 32. The book itself is from 2004 and the adapted play went through all the needed stages before hitting the big leagues. It was adapted for the local audience in 2015 and then an Off-Broadway production came along in 2018 and finally, in February of 2019, it will have its own marquee on Broadway.

The Plot

It is a teenage story of the classic kind in which one of the pariahs, outcast, loser, unnoticed kids in that high school falls in love with one of the most popular girls in school but she doesn´t know his name. They are in a play together and one of the bullying enemies suggests him that he had to take a pill that will tell him what to do to be cool. He does and what happens next is just an amazing sequence of events you should not miss, and I won´t spoil for you.

The music and lyrics are by Joe Iconis, another great young promise of the New York theatrical scene (Bloodsong of Love: The Rock’N’Roll Spaghetti Western, Things To Ruin, Broadway Bounty Hunter) who is very young (born in 1981) and has a bright future ahead. Joe Tracz was in charge of the book while Chase Brock took care of the magnificent choreography. The direction is impeccable and is by Stephen Brackett.

Although it is close to Christmas

It would be awesome to show some support for upcoming plays as well as long-established Christmas-themed ones.