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Learning how to play a musical instrument is not an easy task

Learning how to play a musical instrument (whichever it might be) is not an easy task. Before we get started with the resources and the links that will help you get to your first steps in it, let me remind you that learning to hone a craft, a way of artistry and a communication vessel for your feelings takes years, not hours. The good news is that you will get there sooner, the sooner you get started. Besides, the more hours of work, practice and passion you put on playing, the closer to the goal you will always be.

Important thing to bear in mind when it comes to playing a musical instrument

Another important thing to bear in mind when it comes to playing a musical instrument is to dissolve the myth of innate talent. While it is true that some people have more ease than others to play an instrument, the only certain way of not mastering ever in your life is by not starting. Maybe you want to play for a full Madison Square Garden and hear a roaring crowd sing your name or maybe you want to get back home from work and just relax playing your favorite music. All approaches are valid and they are all enjoyable. Let´s move on to the resources, you might be in the newest incarnation of Be More Chill very soon!


How to Play Piano

The mother of all instruments, learning how to play piano teaches you a lot about how chords are built and how you can invert the order to get to new territories. My suggestion is to go to a site called Flowkey that teaches you with your own favorite songs from scratch.


How to Play Guitar

The guitar might just be the most expressive and popular instrument in the world today. There are as many ways to play it as there are people playing it in the world. Going to Justin´s Website to learn guitar is the best option I can think of. He has lessons divided by categories and is endorsed by great players.


How to Play Sing

The most difficult instrument to master is the one that is hidden inside our throat and we can´t reach for. There are no frets, no keys and no measure techniques for your voice, you just have to learn to dominate it. Once you do, it becomes the ultimate musical instrument. Musical U can really help, just fill in the musical checklist and you´re on your way!


How to Play Drums

The beat is the backbone of all music in the world. From EDM to Classic Rock to Salsa, all genres are supported by a strong rhythm section. Most popular in the world today are drums and is, perhaps, the best way to make your brain understand the kick drum concept. The guys at FreeDrumLessons are really great, I recommend them.

Bonus Track

Ableton Live

This is a bonus track that´s particularly useful for the times that we are right now. This is the main program used to create the music we hear on the radio. In fact, it is safe to say that many of those hits are made by a single person in a bedroom. So, learning to master Ableton Live is a great tool for the present and the future.


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