Yes, it is the time of the year in which we get all emotional and start talking about Christmas and the Grinch and all those beautiful characters that children love and wait for all year long. The case of Elf is no different, just that unlike other plays on Broadway´s marquee nowadays is not a century-old classic but based on a movie from 2003. Read on and find out all you need to know about this soon-to-be Christmas classic.

The Plot

The plot of the play is fairly simple, it tells the story of a little boy named William Hobbs that all friends and relatives call Buddy who is an orphan. He mistakenly crawls into one of Santa´s bags and travels with him to his North Pole hidden place. He is then raised by Santa and the elves as one of them until he realizes that he is actually human and goes into a wild journey to New York City to look for his biologic father, Mr. Walter Hobbs. I don´t want to play the spoiler role with you, so I will stop there, but adding that the movie as well as the play have a beautiful message of returning the true meaning to Christmas away from the materialist approach it has nowadays.

The Cast

The cast that will stage this musical is made of stars. The 71-year-old David Essex who is a long-known and widely acclaimed musician, singer, actor and songwriter will play the role of Mr. Walter Hobbs, a grumpy character. He is the most experienced actor of the entire cast, he even has his own musical called All The Fun of the Fair and has toured the UK with it plenty of times already. He will be accompanied by Martine McCutcheon in the role of Jovie. She is a very well-known musician, singer, pop personality and TV veteran with a very long career including her character of Natalie in Love Actually that granted her an Empire and an MTV Movie Award in 2004. The role of Buddy is to be played by another very well-known face of the industry, Mr. Tan Ryan (Coronation Street, Death Comes to Pemberly and Waterloo Road among many others). As Buddy´s step mother, the singer, actress, dancer and model Louise English (Tommy Boy, An Ideal Husband, Snow White, Aladdin among many, many others) takes the responsibility and with such a huge career of hit performances, she won´t be lacking by any means.

Besides the main cast

The stage will be filled with up to 70 performers that will light up the scenes even more than the original version. With such an amazing cast and a limited amount of dates scheduled, if you are one of the lucky people to get one of the 5,000 seats at Cardif Motorpoint Arena, please let us know what you thought of it!